Alumni Spotlights


Emily Dong

Emily Dong is the founder of Pawprint, a startup empowering pet parents to take control of their pets health with easy to manage digital medical records. Emily is a YC fellow, engineer, and formerly the first product manager at LearnSprout (acquired by Apple).

Years on MCT: 1

Competitions attended: NUS-DBS (Singapore)

Favorite MCT memory: Getting to know teams from around the world at NUS. We still keep in touch!

How has MCT benefited you after USC? I use the training I got from MCT on a daily basis - whether it is answering rapid fire questions from investors, deep diving into financials, or building presentation decks. That said, the greatest benefit for me personally has been the network. We all got very close in the many hours we spent together and formed valuable, lifelong friendships. Everyone I've known through MCT has gone on to do amazing things and we've continued to support each other as we develop in our careers.

Olivia Yang

Bio: After USC, I worked at Ernst & Young in the Orange County Audit practice. I then joined the Pricing & Underwriting group at OptumRx, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, before transitioning to Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). This fall, I will be starting my full-time MBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Years on MCT: 2

Competitions Attended: HKUST, MICC, Thammasat, Northeastern, CBS

Favorite MCT memory: As much as I enjoyed the competitions themselves, I would say my favorite part of the trips were the celebrations after working so hard. For example, after a competition in Bangkok, my teammates and I spent an extra week in Phuket, where we explored the Phi Phi islands, went snorkeling and jet skiing, and more.

How has MCT benefited you after USC? MCT truly challenged me to stretch my way of thinking and dig deeper into the “why” and “how,” not just the “what,” of any given issue or success story. MCT honed my decision-making, time management, teamwork, and presentation skills, as well as trained me to think quickly on my feet in a high-pressure environment. All of these traits are crucial to succeed in the workplace.

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Jonathan Bjorndahl

After USC, I started my career as a consultant at Cornerstone Research, a leading economic & financial consulting firm. I spent nearly four years at Cornerstone, working on a broad range of challenging business issues across numerous industries. Following Cornerstone, I made the jump to industry at Irvine Company, a large, private real estate investment firm. I am now a Director in the company's Strategic Planning group and help shape the firm's investment outlook, due diligence efforts and internal consulting initiatives. Despite my unwavering Trojan pride, I also earned an MBA from UCLA's Anderson School of Management.

Years on MCT: 3

Competitions Attended: HKUST, University of Auckland's Champions Trophy, MICC, The Ohio State University Cyber Case Competition

Favorite MCT Memory
Definitely celebrating after our competitions in Auckland and HKUST with my team and the other teams from around the world.

How has MCT benefited you after USC?
MCT is a real world training ground and helped me in so many ways. It built the hard skills and analytical rigor that helped propel me through my early career. It was also a truly unique experience to share with recruiters. Most importantly, MCT built friendships that are lasting to this day with a group of accomplished, high-performing peers.

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Michelle Li

I spent a few years in public accounting at KPMG and Andersen Tax. I started and operated a paleo food company for 3 years in the Bay Area while working full time. After a 15-month trip around the world, I now spend my days at Airbnb. Current interests include software development, blockchain, and the accounting/tax implications related to blockchain.

Years on MCT: 2.5

National University of Singapore (1st place), Copenhagen Business School, HKUST (3rd place), McGill University

Favorite MCT memory
Tie between winning first place at my first competition and the first year we did a MCT-Vegas trip in Spring 2011.

What role did MCT play in your USC experience? 
MCT was a major part of my extracurricular life. I learned so much from the older members when I initially joined, and as co-president, made sure to pass along that mentoring to the younger members. MCT and the parties that came with it made school fun.

How has MCT benefited you after USC?
I met my husband through MCT, and some of my best friends from MCT have remained so even to this day. While their professional support has been invaluable, my favorite memory is when 4 of them presented a mini-case as a wedding speech. My most valuable personal relationships today are those developed during my time at MCT. The foundations of critical thinking and being able to communicate through effective presentations are still are skills I use daily even today. 

Kevin Li

I spent a few years in mergers and acquisitions investment banking and corporate finance at Facebook before leaving to run my own investment firm. I then took 15 months off for my honeymoon. I now am CFO at a crypto private equity firm.

Years on MCT: 1

HKUST (3rd Place)

Favorite MCT memory
Celebrating our 3rd place after the HKUST competition with the rest of the international competitors.

What role did MCT play in your USC experience?
I looked forward to going to class because I knew at the end of the day, that I would get to hang out with my MCT cohort. Classes were fine - but MCT was what made school fun.

How has MCT benefited you after USC?
My best friends now were my best friends in MCT. Their personal and professional support has been invaluable over the years. It's also fun to visit competitors from other universities around the world and catch up on the memories. 

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